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About us and the self photo studio experience

Welcome to the website of Budapest's first and only SELF PHOTO STUDIO. We are a group of enthusiastic young people who want to create innovation by combining the worlds of experience programs and photography. But what exactly did we dream about? 

PIX SELF PHOTO STUDIO is a creative space where anyone can simply and easily take pictures - even if they have no experience with photography - without the need for a photographer. In our studio, every guest can instantly create professional photos using the available professional equipment and stylish backgrounds.

But what makes us special? With us, you could enter a completely new dimension of photography. 

You can see yourself live on a large TV while taking photos, so you know exactly how the created image will look. In the available 30 minutes, you can take as many pictures as you want! 

After the photo shoot, you can immediately see all the finished pictures in our selection room, where you have 20 minutes to choose which pictures you want printed - on the spot. If you want, you can take all the pictures in digital form on a pen drive or by e-mail, so unlike traditional photo shoots, not only do you not have to wait for the pictures, but you can even leave with all of them in your hands. 

But we are even more than that. PIX SELF PHOTO STUDIO is a place where experience and photography meet. Each photo session is a creative adventure where self-expression and capturing unique memories play a central role. Our studio offers an inspiring and comfortable environment for all our guests to discover the exciting world of photography from their own perspective. Whether it's self-portraits, portraits or creative projects, we're here to help capture your own stories in pictures. 

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